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Pet Sitting At Home For Your Cat or Dog

Hello and welcome to Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting!  When you have to leave home for a trip, you probably can’t bear to leave your pet companion “home alone.”  But boarding is expensive and fraught with the possibility of your pet picking up a virus.  We have proudly become a mainstay of animal lovers in Pooler and throughout Chatham, Effingham and surrounding counties, providing a superior alternative to boarding.

Why Choose a Sitter?

Research has proven that pets are less anxious when their pet parents are away if they can remain in their familiar environment, with their familiar routine, and the same person caring for them each time.  Pets bond with their pet sitter, and we invariably fall in love with each of our pet “clients.”


Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters which provides many opportunities for ongoing education and certification.  We are also registered with the Office of Georgia’s Attorney General.


An added advantage of having Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting is we make every effort to make your home look lived in while you are away.  For example, if UPS leaves boxes at your front door, or take-out menus or ads are stuck on your door, we bring them indoors.  We also can alternate lights and shades and bring in your mail if you wish.  This provides an added level of security that your usual security service does not providePlus we are insured and bonded for $1 million, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your possessions while you are away.




We provide Pet Parents with a daily diary of each visit, and will call the pet parent if we have a concern about your pet, e.g., whether the pet is sick and needs a vet visit.  We also send Pet Parents timely articles of interest concerning your pet.  Pet Parents get an advance copy of the invoice to review for accuracy and to approve in order me to schedule their visits.

Meet and Greet

We require an in-home Meet and Greet before we will accept a client.  This Meet and Greet costs $20 in cash at the time of the interview.  The cost doesn’t go up no matter how many pets are involved.  The Meet and Greet lasts about one hour but takes longer if there are more than one pet.


This Meet and Greet allows both of us to assess if we are comfortable working together; we meet your pet one-on-one in your presence; we take a detailed bio on each pet; we write down how many visits you want and at what time; what services you want; and we do a “walk through” to help us find needed articles while you are away.  We also discuss Policies and Procedures; the Rate Schedule; and important documents are signed.  And Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting offers a generous array of discounts that apply to both spouses!


Payment for services is in advance (left on the counter for me to pick up on the first visit) and is by cash or check.

About Me

I personally own three indoor cats:  Cooder, Biscuit and Daisy.  They stick very close to “Mama” and all sleep in bed with me.  It is a challenge to ensure that each kitty gets his/her personal attention and affection each day.


I grew up on a farm so I have LOTS of experience with animals.  I have a life-long love for animals and would treasure the opportunity to give your pets some loving’ too!

Pets That We Service Include:

  • Dogs of any size.  We prefer dogs to be leash trained
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Fish (e.g. goldfish)
  • No snakes
  • No exotic pets


Contact us to arrange a meeting in your home with your pet present.


Lori Clarke

Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting
215 Brighton Woods Dr.
Apt. 1104
Pooler, GA 31322

Cell: 912-748-9755


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