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Pet Sitting At Home For Your Cat or Dog

Hello and welcome to Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting! We love animals so we understand the stress of having to travel, work, etc., while worrying about your special friend. We are your kind, cost-effective solution when you can’t bear to leave your companion animal “home alone” but boarding is too prohibitive or fraught with the possible of picking up a virus. We have become a mainstay of animal lovers throughout the Pooler area, for both short- and long-term pet care.

Why Choose a Sitter?

Any change in household routine, especially having their pet mom or dad away, can stress out a sensitive animal. Boarding exacerbates this. Chances are, all your companion needs is loving, consistent care by the same person whom the pet comes to know and respond to.  That’s where we come in, literally. Your pet stays in its familiar environment, with its same familiar routine and with the same person lovingly caring for your pet on each visit. We take the worry out of pet day care. Check out our thorough list of services.


Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting treats each pet client as a beloved member of the client family. While wishing to establish a fond bond with each pet entrusted to our care, we believe in not forcing our presence on pets, but rather allow the pet to form the bond with us at their own pace. This is especially true for anxious or especially shy pets.  Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting is also here so you need have no worries about the safety of your assets due to our insurance and bonding.


We have many helpful hints to share with pet parents to prepare their pets for their absence, and to lessen the anxiety of especially anxious and shy pets.  We send out pet clients timely articles pertaining to their pets on a periodic basis.


We do require a one-hour in-home interview with the pet parents and pet(s) prior to the family’s departure to begin developing a relationship. We like to acquaint ourselves with the pet’s personality and phobias, to ascertain the services desired and the location of needed supplies, to acquaint the pet parents with the Policies and Procedures of Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting, and to sign documents that will allow us to work with your pets. The cost for the in home interview is $20, payable at the time of the interview. Because a comprehensive bio is taken for each pet to be cared for, the interview in multi pet homes may last longer than an hour. This does not, however, increase the cost of the in home interview.


Payment is by cash, personal check or cashier’s check only. Please note that Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting reserves the right to refuse any contract.

Pets That We Service Include:

  • Dogs of any size. We prefer larger breeds to be leash-trained.
  • Cats   
  • Birds
  • Goldfish
  • No snakes
  • No exotic pets


Contact us to arrange a meeting in your home with your pet present.


Lori Clarke

Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting
215 Brighton Woods Dr.
Apt. 1104
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Cell: 912-748-9755


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