Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting
Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting

Complete Care for Your Pet While You Are Gone

Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting is in the business of reassuring frightened dogs and cats, and stressed-out pet parents, that everything will be fine while Mom or Dad is away. The animal is comforted by having the same caretaker daily, and of course being able to remain at home, not aggravated by strange animals and other stimuli (smells), is beneficial. A one-hour pre-contract interview is required before service can begin. A $20 fee is charged for this. Contact us to arrange a time.


We are insured and bonded, so your assets are safe with us!

Our Checklist of Services

  • Making daily notes on each visit for the owners (no extra charge)
  • Giving each pet clean, fresh, water daily (part of the daily visit fee)
  • Giving each pet the proper amount of food daily (part of the daily visit fee)
  • Clean cages or litter boxes and dispose of waste (part of the daily visit fee)
  • Checking on the welfare of shy or reclusive pets (no extra charge)
  • 15-20-minute dog walk per visit and/or playtime and waste disposal (part of the daily visit fee)
  • Restoring the supplies in the proper place (part of the daily visit fee)
  • Giving treats if allowed (part of the daily visit fee)
  • Cleaning up any house “accidents” or messes that may occur (part of the daily visit fee)
  • Sanitizing to reduce illness and disease (part of the daily visit fee)
  • Making sure pets are in their proper place(part of the daily visit fee)
  • Administering medication if needed (part of the daily visit fee)
  • Monitoring each pet’s condition (part of the daily visit fee)
  • Buying needed supplies if provided supplies run out
  • Pet Concierge Service: taking sick pets to their veterinarian as needed and to normal grooming or vet appointments
  • Bringing in any accumulated newspapers and mail (no extra charge)
  • Maintaining a comfort level in the home you set (no extra charge)
  • Checking all internal and external doors and windows (no extra charge)
  • Monitoring the security of the home (no extra charge)
  • Ensuring the house fence perimeter is secure (no extra charge)
  • Changing the lighting and house-shades arrangement daily (no extra charge)
  • Relocking the house (no extra charge)
  • Providing pet parents with timely articles pertaining to their pet (no extra charge)
  • Providing advance invoices to pet parents (no extra charge)

Awesome Discounts

  • For new clients, the fist visit is FREE.
  • 12% FT Students & Military, Clergy, First Responders (Firefighters, EMTs, Police Officers, Disabled American Vets; for Pet Parents who are temporarily disabled & unable to care for pets; in instances of family emergencies and family bereavement. Discount for single parents with dependent children.
  • 15% Those living on Social Security only and/or on Mecaid and Food Stamps
  • A free day of pet sitting is awarded on the birthdays and the wedding anniversaries of the pet parent(s). This applies for a single pet per sitting day and must fall within 4 days of a booked day. 
  • Member, National Association of Professional Pet Sitters
  • On your birthday or anniversary you will get two free pet sittings.  This
    does not affect any mileage premium that may be applied.

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Lori Clarke

Coastal Comfort Pet Sitting
215 Brighton Woods Dr.
Apt. 1104
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Cell: 912-748-9755


Member, National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

United Specialty Insurance Company


Travelers and Surety Company of America

Payment Methods

Advanced Payment Required

  • Cash
  • Personal Check
  • Cashier's Check
  • Money Order


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